Hello out there!

img_0004I suppose we’ll have to do a little introduction-type-thingy. This blog will be a place where I can reside in all my verbose, opinionated, slightly offensive, positivity-seeking, culture obsessed, colorful, super-mom-ness. I might rant a bit or explore some ridiculous topic or just report on some experience or another. Mostly, I just want to seek experiences; deep conversations, new wonderfulness to try, anything to broaden my scope.

I’m sure many are curious, so let me explain a little bit about what “|Life|” means. First, a little math. These symbols “|x|” are called absolute value. It’s a little hard to explain in writing so here’s a quick link in case I don’t do it justice.

Basically, an absolute value is simply the distance of the given number from zero on a number line. So if my number is |-3| Then it is three spaces from zero and that distance is three. Thus |-3|=3. Likewise |3|=3. Both are three spaces from zero.

So, how does this apply to life? My theory is that every experience we have can fall somewhere on the great number line of life. Some experiences suck eggs: car crash=|-42|. Some are life changing wonderful: climb that mountain you’ve always wanted to=|53|. If we take the absolute value of these experiences and see them as true richness and not a good or bad thing, just an event that further developes us into who we are meant to be, it will give us some perspective and maybe remove some weight from our shoulders. Life is not good or bad, just the absolute value of the things we experience.

I’ve chosen to live my life through this lens. I even got it tattooed! My life is a crazy one, but being able to see it this way helps me to embrace all that life has to offer and take what I can learn from it without even acknowledging any burden or dwelling on it.  I strive to see my life as a journey and learning experience. My experiences are there to teach me compassion, to round out my rough edges, and to enrich my life so that I may enrich others.

Ok, enough with the self-help-gobbledygook. Honestly, I just want honesty and compassion. We’re all stuck here together and there’s not enough time for pride or selfishness. I refuse to be miserable dammit.

Welcome. 🙏🏼💖🍵